Meteorologist Charlie Neese loves the weather…  Since seeing his first flash flood at the age of nine, weather has been one of his true passions.  Charlie realized a big dream when in 1991, he was hired as a weathercaster in west Tennessee.  He’s been doing weather ever since, working for two more stations before returning to his hometown of Nashville to work as an on-air meteorologist at one of the top-rated CBS stations in the country.  

While living out his dream, his move to Nashville came along with some other big changes in his life.  He now had a beautiful wife, Eve, and a four-month-old son and was feeling a torn between his work and family life.  Rather than falling into the all-to-common destructive routine of becoming overwhelmed and dissatisfied with life, he decided to take charge. That’s when Charlie began formulating a workable plan that would help him balance his responsibilites with his passions to restore true joy. He ironically found the answers he was looking for in what he had studied as a child – the weather. 

The more Charlie studied the weather, the more he realized the importance of balance.  Without it, the weather becomes unsettled.  It’s unavoidable.  It’s simply a matter of physics.  If balance is fundamental to peace in nature and we’re also products of nature, then that formula works for us too.  To have peace of mind, you must have balance first.  To live a life full of lasting joy, richness and passion, we must first work to balance the different segments of our lives.   Charlie used balance as the foundation for his plan for happiness and it worked for him.  He still practices his plan today!

A few years ago, Charlie began teaching those same principles to others who were struggling with life balance through his church and through public speaking engagements.  Now, after expanding and refining the program, Charlie is sharing the lessons he’s learned in his Life Barometer audio and Live! Presentations.

Charlie couldn’t have made the changes toward balance in his life without the support of his wonderful wife, Eve, who has her own blog here.  She helps churches and non-profit organizations recruit and maintain quality volunteers through her Advanced Team Building Solutions.  Charlie and Eve have been blessed with two children and live in the beautiful hills of Middle Tennessee….

Visit Charlie’s website at charlieneese.com.

One Response

  1. Hey Charlie,

    Just wanted to say hi! I am Ricky Cook’s sister-in-law and Carmen had said just the other day, “the best Twitter updates I get are from Charlie…because he tells me about the weather!!” 🙂 She’s right…

    But then I popped over to your blog. Awesome Word and ministry! Just wanted you to know!


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