Great Resources for Life Balance Success

I sometimes have people ask for resources to help them in their quest for life balance. Here are four authors that offer excellent products to help you on your journey toward creating an excellent, balanced life…

1. Career – If you are miserable in your job and wish to find work that is fulfilling, rewarding and healthy, then visit Dan Miller’s 48 Days website. Dan has several products, including his new book entitled, No More Mondays, that will walk you through finding a job that works for you. Dan is a great guy who has helped many, many people. Again, Dan’s website is

2. Personal Finances – In my opinion, there’s no better way to manage your money and achieve financial freedom that staying out of debt, spending less than you make, and saving and investing for the future. There’s no one that teaches how to do that better than Dave Ramsey. In addition to his many books and other products, Dave can be heard on more than 300 radio stations across the nation. He can also been seen on the Fox Business Network every evening. Dave’s website is

3. Health – Most of us know that we can be much healthier by eating well and exercising. Unfortunately, most of us DON’T do that. That’s why as a nation, we’re overweight and chronically sick. A healthy body will make an amazing difference in your life (it’s hard to accomplish much in life when you don’t feel like getting out of bed). One person that will teach you how to improve your quality of life through health is Dr. Asa Andrew. His new book, Empowering Your Health, is a great way to begin changing your lifestyle immediately. His recommendations for healthy eating WILL make a difference in the way you feel physically. Dr Asa’s website is

4. Spiritually – Quite frankly, I find no better resource for your spiritual health that the Bible. But, another book that will help you discover your purpose in life is one of the most popular books of our time. It’s called Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It will help you refocus your life, recognize your unique gifts and talents that God gave you, and realize that you’re not just some random event in a world of chaos. Rick, the pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forrest, CA, did a great job in crafting PDL. There are now many products offered as companions to the book to help you along in your spiritual walk. I highly recommend it. The book’s website is

Give these resources a try and let me know what you think at Here’s to living a balanced, healthy life!

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