It Doesn’t Take Much…

I like to leave my sweet wife little notes in her office when she’s not looking.  She then finds them when she returns to the office after I’ve left.  They are usually little notes of encouragement and affection that take me about 30 seconds to write.  The last time I was in her office, I looked above her desk and was suprised to find that she’s kept all of those little notes.  I asked her why she has not thrown any of them away and she said she likes to have them to remind her how much she’s loved.  She said she would never dream of throwing them away.  I then thought to myself, “What if I didn’t take the time to write those little notes?”  What is just a little gesture on my part goes a long way.  I get a much bigger return in how those notes make her feel than my time invested in writing them.

What if we all did that?  What if you did little things each week for your family and close friends to let them know how much they mean to you?  How much stronger could those relationships be?   If a fundamental need for us as humans is to know we’re loved and appreciated (especially our kids), how can we fulfill that need for others?  For me, I was suprised to find out how little time and effort it takes to make a lasting impact.

So, over the next few days, try doing something small for someone special to let them know you’re thinking of them.  If you get a chance, let me know how it worked for you.   I think you’ll be glad you did…

Ohhh… That’s the Reason…

We all fail sometimes.  After all, we’re not perfect.  But…

The biggest reason we fail isn’t a lack of talent.

The biggest reason we fail isn’t lack of a good idea.

The biggest reason we fail isn’t lack of support.

The biggest reason we fail isn’t lack of planning.

The biggest reason we fail isn’t lack of resources.

The biggest reason we fail isn’t lack of time. 

The biggest reason we fail isn’t that we CAN’T do it.

The biggest reason we fail is that we QUIT before we succeed.

Does this change the way you think about failure?