One Thing You Can’t Escape…

Folks… I’m hearing a lot of stories of people going through unhappy times. It’s rough – I know. Sometimes, life just kind of deals you a bad hand and you have to make difficult choices on how you respond. My prayer for you is that you respond in the best way possible…

But here’s the thing – the largest number of people that I’m hearing about who are having a hard time with a particular situation brought it on themselves with bad decisions. Now, nobody is going to make good decisions 100% of the time but here’s the inescapable truth – you have to live with the consequences of your decisions 100% of the time, whether they were good or bad. Take your time and really think about what you’re doing and why – especially when the decision involves your faith, health, family, career and money. These are the biggest categories that give us BIG trouble when we repeatedly make bad decisions. If you’re facing one of these challenges, I encourage you to get past your pride, get past your insecurity, get past the blaming,  quit running from the issue and get to work on fixing the real problem. It’s not always easy but it has to be done. What other choice do you have?

Five Facts and One Question About Our Bodies & Food

1.  Our bodies are constantly making new cells to replace dying ones. 

2.  It takes about a year for every cell in entire body to be replaced.

3.  Our new cells are made from the nutrients in the foods that we eat.

4.  It’s easier for our bodies to make healthy cells from healthy foods.

5.  It’s more difficult for our bodies to make healthy cells from unhealthy foods.

5.  Does this make you think a little differently about the food you eat?