What You Think (to Yourself) Matters

The human mind is an amazingly complex and powerful thing.  It not only controls your body function, it can literally change the world.  What you think and the actions you decide to take affect you and your surroundings as you act.   One miracle of the mind with which I have always been fascinated is the ability to turn a thought into something tangible.  If you act upon your thoughts, you can take an idea and transform it into something you hold in your hand.  Amazing.   Our world was built upon this ability.  The car you drive, the house in which you live, the clothes you’re wearing, the computer on which you’re reading this post, all started as just an idea in someone’s mind.   If you’re able to grasp this, you begin to realize you hold an amazing amount of power within your mind.

We all have lots of ideas of how our lives should be.   Sadly, rather than acting upon those thoughts, we oftentimes let them just stay dormant in our minds.  That’s a waste.

I point this out because too many of us are thinking of creative ways to make our lives better yet we’re not acting on those thoughts.  Maybe it’s fear, apathy or even fatigue.   But, perhaps, there’s never been a more appropriate time to begin acting on those thoughts.  Take what your passionate about – what you enjoy most in life and begin thinking about how to increase it’s existence in your world.  Expand your thinking and stop telling yourself it can never happen.  Stretch your mind to consider the “impossible” as possible for you.  This is where you start.  The next phase includes writing it down, making a plan and then taking massive action on that plan every day.  Sure, you’re likely to hit some hurdles.  But when they appear, creatively work on getting over them.  This time, don’t let those hurdles stop you.  For most of us, we’re capable of so much more than we’ve done.  Don’t let that depress you – let it inspire you!   Don’t let your thoughts of how to be happy and how to make your world better sit dormant any longer.  Let them transform your world.

So, what thoughs will you begin acting on today?

3 Responses

  1. Charlie,

    Just wanted to pop in and say that I enjoy reading your blog.

    I took a class on the creative process in college. We learned about the habits and philosophies of all types of different creative people – writers, artists, musicians, etc. We also explored several new-age-y philosophies (many of them were way out there and in my opinion a lot of bunk). Things like auras, and healing with vibrations, etc. But lots of people believe in them and buy books about them etc. The question is why? What I kind of found is that all of them tapped into (and sometimes exploited) a truism. At the root, the prevailing theme was this concept that “energy follows thought” Trick is to have positive thoughts and then translate them into action.

    That’s what this post made me think of. Anyways, I enjoy your posts. Cheers.

  2. I love this, Charlie. One of my fave things to do is execute a creative idea. I love to watch a dream come to fruition. Too often, it stays in our heads, only. But, it is so fulfilling to just – make it happen!

    Thanks for another GREAT post 🙂

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