How to Have a Great Week.

If 85% of our happiness is based on relationships, shouldn’t we care for them more than we do? Shouldn’t we WORK on having great relationships instead of just hoping they’ll happen?

With that in mind, here’s how to have a great week (and make someone else’s week in the process).

Step 1 – Make a list of the five most important people to you.

Step 2 – Beside their names, write one thing you can do to let them know how much you care. Maybe it’s just a phone call, a letter or an invitation to lunch. It could be an extra hug or a surprise gourmet breakfast – it’s up to you.

Step 3 – Do what’s on the list this week.

Step 4 – Enjoy the extra connection with someone you love.

I just had someone I know take this to heart. He decided to send flowers to his mother on HIS birthday. She did all the work that day (and for the nine months prior), after all! He told me his mom was so happy she cried. One little gesture made a big impact. Good stuff, huh?

So, who’s going to be on your list?

6 Responses

  1. Hi Charlie…I just headed over here from Twitter! This is good stuff, and I’m really looking forward to reading your archives. (Lord knows I could use all the help I can get in achieving balance in my life.)

    I see that you utilize lists constantly…I used to be a list maker, and fell off the wagon. I am finding more and more that I need to get back into the habit so that I don’t get distracted with all of the cross-talk in my brain. (I think I may be a little ADD, or perhaps it’s just that I’m overloaded with too much stuff that needs to be compartmentalized!).

  2. Thanks for the comment, Ginger. I started doing this a long time ago but probably should do it even more! It’s still amazes me how much impact such a little thing, like a simple note, can make. It really doesn’t take much!

  3. Good stuff. Thanks!

  4. You’re so great at this, Charlie, I know first hand 🙂 Thanks for always striving to put our relationship first. It means everything to me! And, thanks for the reminder to make such an important list. I LOVE LISTS!!

  5. Charlie:

    This is a great idea to do personally and professionally. You have created an evergreen idea. Please bring this to our attention again and again.


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