The Jetstream and Your Life in 2009…

I keep getting asked, “When are we going to see the sun again in Nashville?”  This drizzly, cool, cloudy pattern has been with us now about a week and people are simply getting tired of it.  They need to see some sunshine!  The reason for this weather is that the jet stream – which controls the flow of cold and warm air across the country – has stalled.   When this happens, the same weather can occur for days and days.  For it to change, the jet stream has to first change pattern.  If not, what you see is what you get…

We’re beginning a new year soon and I have a question for you:  Is there something that you desire to change in your life as we begin 2009?  Are you tired of being out of shape, out of money, out of patience, out of hope?    Just as the pattern of the jet stream needs to change for a new type of weather, if the pattern of your behavior doesn’t change, neither will your resulting circumstances.  It’s simple cause and effect.  So, here’s what I suggest you do:  First, sit and think.  Think for a long time, in quiet.  Think and pray.  Come face-to-face in your mind with what you want to change and then picture how you want it to be different.   Next, get a piece of paper, write 2009 at the top and write down your new goals. Simply writing something down increases the probabilities that you’ll do it .  Write it as if your already doing that new behavior.  For instance, instead of, I will jog two miles three times a week write, I jog two miles three times a week.  Do this with every change.  Also make a calendar to plan your progress.  Using the exercise example, for week 1, write down you’ll walk around the block three times a week.  In week two, write you’ll walk 1/2 mile three times a week.  In week three, you’ll walk a full mile three times a week and so on until you have the full plan.  Here’s the great part, now that you’ve got your goal and your calendar to make it happen, just follow the plan.   The more you do it and the more progress you make, the easier it will become.   The hardest part is beginning.  Resolve to follow your plan for at least 90 days and the next 90 will be much easier.  You’ll be shocked by the positive results if you do this.

So…  What’s your big plan for change in 2009?

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