Success Needs Three Things…

It always amazes me (although it shouldn’t anymore) that when I talk to people who have made it big in anything, whether it’s career, family, money, health, whatever, they didn’t become successful just because they were smart or talented (although being smart and talented doesn’t hurt). The three biggest reasons people succeed are:

1. Their desire becomes a MUST.
2. They BELIEVE they can do it.
3. They STUDY HOW to do it.

People who make things happen study other people who make things happen. They look for patterns and clues as to what they can do to increase their chances of success. Many have mentors that guide them along the way. They almost all read books on their subject of interest. They work hard at becoming experts; becoming familiar with the hurdles and obstacles that will likely get in their way and how to creatively overcome them. They strategically plan their success on paper before they make a move. They believe failure is not an end, but a teacher of how not to do it next time. They believe in their mission and in themselves. Successful people constantly are moving forward, using momentum as a force to pound through doubts and fears. To talk with and be around people like this is very uplifting. If you want success, surround yourself with these kinds of people. Learn from them. Seek them out. Use what they know to help you along. Most are willing to share what they know. Understand that there’s a strategy to success. It takes work, knowledge, ambition, help and a belief in yourself. Put all of these things to work in your own life and watch out!

If you were to set up a lunch with someone successful just so you could pick their brain, who would it be? Better yet, pick that person and make the call today…