If You’ve Ever Wanted to Start a Business, Read This.

If the entrepreneur life intrigues you or if you’ve ever wanted to start your own business but didn’t know how, you’re going to love this…

One of the podcasts I listen to on a fairly regular basis is by 48 Days to the Work You Love and No More Mondays author, Dan Miller. Dan lives right here in Middle Tennessee and has become nationally known for helping people following their passions to find a career they love (Following your passions is one of the major themes of the Life Barometer program).  I had a chance to have lunch with him a few months ago and was very impressed with not only his knowledge but what he has done in his own business.  Today, while I was on my morning run, I listened to his podcast from June 11th entitled, “No Money, No Problem.” It’s all about removing the barriers to starting a business. It’s full of examples and stories of success that can help you with ideas of how to do this on your own. It also has a few interesting facts including:

Breakdown of Millionaires in This Country:

74% – Own their own business
10% – Senior executives (CEO or other high-level executive in large companies)
10% – Doctors, Lawyers, other professionals
5% – Sales people and consultants
Remaining 1% – Stock Brokers, Inventors, Actors, Directors, Authors, Song Writers, Athletes, Lottery Winners

Would you have guessed that? There’s much more great info in this podcast.

Go to the 48Days.com Podcast page HERE. Scroll down the June 11th edition and either download it or listen directly online. If you’re interested in your own business, you’ll be glad you did…


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