This is True for Many of Us…

Living in our comfort zones has gotten most of us where we are today.

If you’re happy, good. 

if you want more out of life, you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone.

So, here’s the question…

What are you avoiding that’s uncomfortable but will move you forward?

After you’ve answered that question, now ask this…

What is your next step is going to be?

5 Responses

  1. I agree, Charlie.

    I would like to go on a mission trip – a healthy way for me to get out of my comfort zone. I enjoy serving the church via local missions but going to a 3rd world country is exactly what the “reality” doctor ordered.

    Thanks for this thought!

  2. I’m going with Eve on a mission trip! I really like her! In all honesty, I’ve been in tears literally on my knees recently and regularly to try and discern just what it is God is wanting me to do, because the one thing I do know, is it is far outside of my comfort zone. This thrills me to no end. I’m going to the DR next spring and after that, who knows……I’m ready for the world…the 3rd worlds, that is.

  3. Melissa,

    People that step out change the world. It sounds like you’re preparing to do just that. I’m excited for you! In your search for what God’s plan is for you, don’t struggle. Continue praying each day and in His time, you’ll come to know it. This is a pivotal time in your life. It is in these moments that amazing things can happen…

  4. I have just lived through this while serving in Kidz World at Dickson. It was something I did not think I wanted or could do. I just had to trust God…and He blew me away with how he transformed me! Who knows what my next step is but I do know I will be more aware of the opportunities to get out of my comfort zone now and less hesitant to trust Him.

  5. Yes Charlie. It is true. Thank you.

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