Write it Down, Today!

There’s one thing that almost all high achievers do that the vast majority of Americans don’t.  This one thing can exponentially increase your chances of making your goals come true.  The ability to do this one thing, in and of itself, is literally a miracle…

If you have a burning desire to do something;  if you have a definable goal that you absolutely must achieve; if you want to be different from more than 90 percent of the Americans, then here’s what you need to do.  Go get a notepad.  Get a pencil.  Sit down.  Now, write down what you really want to do.  Write down that big dream I talked about in my last post.  Don’t delay – do it now.  Here’s why the act of writing down your goal is a miracle – it is in that moment that thought becomes tangible.  What was in your head now is physically written on a piece of paper for you (and anyone else) to see, hold and examine.  You have taken something from your mind and it is now manifetsted into physical being.  Some of you reading this will “get it” and realize the power in this.  Some of you won’t.  That’s o.k.   Whether your amazed by it or not, what you need to understand is that less than 10% of Americans write down goals but the vast majority of that 10% make their goals come true.  

One you’ve written it down, study it.  Absorb it.  Eat, sleep and breathe it.  Pray about it.  Make sure that it really for you.   Make sure it’s making your world and the world around you a better place.  Once you’re convinced it is, take massive action on it (Don’t forget this part.  Your goal won’t happen without action, no matter how many times you write it down).   If you get INC magazine, read the article about Joe Cirulli.  It’s the perfect example of what I’m talking about.  If you don’t get INC., he’s on the cover of the August 2008 issue.  In a few days, you’ll probably be able to read the story on the INC. website (it’s not there as of today – I checked).  His is just one more story that supports this.  He’s making a positive difference in his community.  He’s achieved his goals.  He’s living the life of his dreams (after being almost penniless).  And he started by writing down his goals.  Bam.  Another act that separtates those who do and those who just wish.  If you’re unhappy with your life, work on becoming a doer and not just a wisher…

So what are you about to write down on that piece of paper in front of you?

3 Responses

  1. Right on Charlie. My list includes family, ministry, spiritual, and financial goals.

    Just added an application on my iphone called “jot” which allows me to record audio in the car and then it transcribes it for me. This is good news since a lot of my goals and ideas come to me while I’m driving down the road!

  2. A GREAT discipline. I’m a huge believer in first dreaming, then visualizing, next listing followed by implementing your goals.

    I prefer having a 1 year, 5 year and 10 year list then reevaluating and evolving the dreams annually.

    Love this post!

  3. Charlie,
    Great Post! There is a lot of good deeds that could be accomplished in the world if they followed this.

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