Have you ever met someone that you admired for being successful?  I met a business person that I admire this week.  He’s the CEO of a well-run corporation.  I’ve read about him in business magazines.  I stood in line to meet him after I heard him speak and had a chance to talk with him for a few mintues.  In the conversation, I told him that I was impressed with his success and with all he’s accomplished – both in business and in charity.  He looked me in the eyes and said, ” Most people think that anyone who is in my position is in some way different from everyone else.  We’re not.  I have a fairly normal life outside this business.  I enjoy and don’t enjoy doing the same things as most people.  I’m not smarter than most people.  I’m certainly no genius.  The reason I’m where I am is a little a luck but most of all, I did what I thought it would take to get me here.  That’s all.”  

Bam.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  It was again affirmed to me – we’re all basically the same, rich or poor, successful or not, tall or short, old or young.  What most differentiate those at the top from those who at the bottom are simply our actions.  Some people take huge action on their goals and dreams because they believe they can do them.  Some don’t.  I just read somewhere a great quote that went something like this:  It takes the same amount of energy to dream small or big.  Why not dream big?  While dreaming big doesn’t involve more energy, it does involve a bigger risk of failure.  But don’t stop out of fear.  Use failure as lesson, not a barrier. 

Life isn’t always fair.  Sometimes we’re dealt a bad hand and have huge obstacles to overcome.  But if action is the number one thing separating us from where we truly want to be, then what action could you take each day to get you one step closer to your big dream?

4 Responses

  1. I admire the CEO’s response – very humble and full of wisdom. Dream BIG – why not? Great reminder, Charlie

  2. Charlie,
    I also saw a quotation that said, “Fear is just an illusion — if you put the same amout time in to something, as you would being afraid to try — the greatest things can happen!” This quote was paraphrased, but its meaning is the same, I think, as what you are describing. Its kinda like your being a Meteorologist — if your actions are bad — then I think it will show in everything you do.

  3. Believe, and do what you can. So many people don’t take steps and actions because they simply do not believe that the outcome they desire will actually happen. I like to visualize what my dream and goal would look like if I achieved it. It makes it more real. And I truly believe that not all of our dreams and goals are what God has planned for our path….so seeking Him for wisdom and discernment. And I like to pray for my goals and dreams to be only His inspiration.

    GREAT POST, Charlie.

  4. Don’t you just love meeting people like that? I learn so much from them. Glad you got the experience. I can tell you got a lot from it.

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