The Art of Compromise

If you’re not very good at compromising, you’re missing out on opportunities to strengthen relationships and to make your world better than it is today. Compromise can better your relationships because it shows others that you consider their side important. It assures them you take their feelings seriously. In business, if you’ve ever closed a big money deal, you know the importance of the “give and take” in negotiations. Most deals wouldn’t be done without some compromise from both sides.

Compromise is generally a good and productive thing. However, there are things you shouldn’t compromise. Hold fast to your morals and principles. Don’t compromise your core values. Your values determine your daily actions and how you conduct your life. Don’t change who you are to satisfy someone else if you have to lower your morals to do so. No deal is worth that. The goal in compromise is to create a win-win situation. Everyone should get something of value out of the deal. But how can you get value by compromising your core values? Are you currently in a situation like this?

4 Responses

  1. As spouses, parents, friends, business people, etc. we are in situations every day where compromise is a must. As Christians, however, there is no room for compromise when it comes to obeying God and following His will. Knowing when and not when to compromise is a real challenge.

    I agree with you, Charlie, stay true to your core values!

  2. Oh boy, there was a time (a long time ago, okay, not that long ago) when I thought “compromise” was a sign of weakness. I had to learn in any relationship, personally and professionally, I have to bend. This discipline has helped me improve all my relationships and grow as a leader! Thanks for the reminder, Charlie, compromise is indeed an “art!”

  3. Compromise???? Two years ago I would have said “What’s THAT?” I’m w/Eve…. I, too, thought it was a sign of weakness but God has certainly showed me otherwise…. and I love the part about sticking to your core values! I say, “YEAH, WHAT HE SAID!” You have covered it all!

  4. Charlie you are the master of this. I’ve seen you master this art on several occasions.

    I’ve also seen you in a few situations where you knew compromise was not an options.

    It takes real wisdom to know when to compromise and when not to. I’m thankful for friends like you that have that wisdom.

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