Websites for Weather Junkies…

I talk a lot about following your passions in the Life Barometer life balance program.  With that in mind, if one of your passions is weather, this post if for you…

As a meteorologist, I’m often asked about websites for weather junkies…  Here are four if you’re into severe weather…

If you love STORM CHASERS on the Discovery channel, this blog is for you.  The chase season is in full swing right now and this blog follows the chasers while they’re out shooting the series to air this fall.  It’s a great blog with some interesting behind the scenes pictures….

The folks who do this website are chasing along with the TIV, DOW and the entire STORM CHASERS crew this year.  Lots of great video and frequent updates during the severe weather season.  You can also follow along with their live webcams during chases (You might see something if you log on Thursday of this week as a tornado outbreak is possible in the Plains and I’m sure they’ll be out).

This is another website where you can watch live streaming video from chasers out in the field.  During big outbreaks, you can also watch live coverage with radar of breaking storm events…

Here’s another one that you need to know about if you enjoy chasing…

This is perhaps THE website for all who are interested in chasing and severe weather.   The forum section is frequented by experienced chasers and meteorologist who love to chat about storms.  All storm junkies must visit from time-to-time…

Have fun!



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