Balance vs Imbalance in Life

If you’re searching for meaning, joy, happiness, fulfillment, quality relationships, peace in your household and real success in life, they all will be very hard to find without balance. Balance gives us strength, momentum, peace-of-mind and allows us to do things you never thought possible. For instance, look at this picture…

Natchez Trace Bridge (Wikipedia)
Natchez Trace Bridge, Williamson County, TN (Wikipedia)

This 155-foot-high bridge along the Natchez Trace Parkway spans 1,648 feet over Highway 96 in Williamson County, Tennessee. When it was built, the bridge received national recognition for it’s design and construction. Whether I drive over or under it, I can’t help but be amazed. It’s a very imposing structure but it has a peaceful simplicity about it as well. Rather than numerous columns, it has just one along with two huge arches that hold up the road deck. This allows for a flowing and uncluttered view of the valley it spans. There’s amazing balance in both the structural and visual function of the Natchez Trace Bridge. There were many obstacles to overcome in it’s design and construction, but with creative thought, out-of-the-box thinking and lots of evaluation, it was completed and is generally considered a huge success by both engineers and those who use it. This amazing bridge is possible because of balance…

On the other hand, here’s what can happen when there’s a lack of balance….

If you didn’t notice it before, watch it again and listen to the roar as it passes by the camera.

This huge tornado shredded parts of Weld County, Colorado, on Thursday of this week (5-22-08). It was the result of a very unstable and highly sheared atmosphere. To say it another way, the atmosphere was very imbalanced. In nature, all extreme weather is caused by imbalance. It’s simply cause and effect. It a matter of physics. It’s just the way it is…

You and I are products of God’s nature and we fit into this equation as well… With this in mind, wouldn’t you rather be a strong and balanced support for your family rather than an imbalanced monster that leaves nothing but destruction in your wake? I know I would. In what ways can you be more balanced in your life beginning today?

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4 Responses

  1. Charlie,
    The analogies in this blog is great and very true. In
    my travels, I have driven by this bridge several times, always in amazement! I had never considered it in the way you described it.

    It is so easy in the hectic pace of our lives to get stressed out and for us to “take-it-out” on our families. If you can remember the peace in the valley where that bridge is located while you are STRESSED OUT, things will probably be better. A Lot of prayer too will help!

  2. Great question. At the moment, I’m feeling quite balanced in my current season. Of course, this can change at any moment… I sometimes have a difficult time balancing work hours. I LOVE to work, and I tend to focus too much on my career! Cool video, and thanks for the great insight, Charlie.

  3. Charlie, you know I’m a sucker for any video with a tornado in it. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good questions, good illustrations. My brother lives in Weld County and my Dad’s former apt was damaged by this tornado!

    Found your blog through and automatic link from mine!

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