Got a Problem???

Hail is one of the most destructive forces in weather. It’s responsible for billions of dollars in damage to homes, cars, windows, crops and anything else outdoors each year. If you don’t believe how damaging it can be, watch this amazing video from a storm chase by Cloud 9 Tours back in 2003…

How about that? Hail is formed when strong updrafts in a severe storm carry a raindrop high into the cloud where the temperatures are below freezing. The drop freezes into a ball of ice. It then fall back toward the earth where more rain coats it before it is carried right back up into the subfreezing air where the coating of water freezes into another layer making the hail grow. With very strong storms, this can happen over and over until the hail is the size of a marble, golf ball, baseball or even softball. The largest hailstones often develop large spikes that make them that more destructive…

Life’s problems often act like hailstones. They start off small but the more we ignore them, the larger and more destructive they get. This happens all the time. A small problem in your relationships can grow into large, divisive issue if not tackled early. Charging small amounts on your credit cards each day will end up as a big bill at the end of the month. Not taking the time to really think about where you want to go with your life in the next month, year or five years can put you on a path to disaster. Don’t ignore the warning signs that something isn’t right. The housing crisis was predictable. An eventual run-up in the price of oil was predictable. A credit card crisis is likely coming because people are spending more than they make in these tough financial times. Without their homes to take out equity, more and more people are turning again to credit card debt (Financial figures from last month showed a substantial increase in unsecured debit – mainly from credit cards). If this trend continues, bankruptcies will begin rising by the end of the year. This is a relatively small problem right now that has the potential to grow into a much larger problem down the road.

So, what small small problem are you dealing with now that could grow into a destructive monster if you continue to ignore it? Think about how you can tackle it beginning today. Don’t let grow until it’s an overwhelming force. Think about the problem, come up with a plan to conquer it and then take massive action on that plan. If you don’t feel motivated, just watch the video again and picture yourself being showered by that huge hail. If you don’t work on solving the problem, that picture may become all too real all too soon!

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2 Responses

  1. Great visual, Charlie. I certainly want to prevent any difficult situation from gaining more and more force turning “destructive” like softball-sized hail (scary!). It’s much healthier to approach an unhealthy dilemma head-on and rather quickly. Thanks for your insight!

  2. Great post Charlie. Many times I have ignored problems that needed to be addressed. I often thought they would just go away or take care of themselves. What a mistake.

    You’re right on. Address them right now!

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