Do Something Different Today

Change is hard.  Most of us strongly resist change even if we’re in a situation that we know isn’t the best for us.  That’s sad.  There’s one simple thing that you can do beginning right now that can change the course of your life:  Do something different.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, when you factor in our resistance to change, it’s not as easy as it appears.  For example, why do we eat the same foods that we know aren’t good for us?  Why don’t we get up just a few minutes earlier each day so we’re not always in a rush?  Why do we stay in jobs in which we’re miserable?   Why do we work late night after night knowing that our families miss us?  Why do we date people that we know aren’t right for us?  Are the wheels turning in your head yet?  Are you thinking about a situation that you would like to make better but seem to keep putting off?  If you are, good.  That’s step one – think about what you can do differently.  Step two – DO IT!   Make a plan right now of what you are going to do differently today (or tomorrow if it’s already nighttime).  Do you need to talk with your spouse about something that’s been bugging you?  Have you been putting off that fishing trip with your son?  Have you been postponing trying that new church?  Do you have a membership to your local gym but never go (it’s been said that gyms have more members that don’t attend than do).  Here’s a given:  If you don’t do something different, nothing in your life is going to change.  You can sit, wait and hope that your world will get better but don’t bank on it.  You have to move toward what you want.  No movement, no change.  It isn’t enough just to focus on, visualize and think about what you want.  You have to take action to move toward it.  Simply visualizing and hoping it happens won’t make it so.  Find anyone you consider successful in life and ask them how they did it.  They’ll tell you that is was a process.  Don’t get me wrong…  There’s nothing bad about focusing on a goal and visualizing your life the way you desire it to be, but you can’t stop there.  You have to take action.  Set a goal, make a plan and then go out and do it!  Try it and see for yourself.  Once you get a little momentum and see your life changing and getting better, it will keep you motivated and help you get to your goal even faster.  It’s a fun and exciting process…

2 Responses

  1. Great point Charlie. I tend to have a false sense of accomplishment at times just because I have written my goals out. The dreaming part is easy and even fun for me. It’s making that all important decision to get moving that I sometimes have a hard time with.

  2. Great reminder, Charlie. And, this advice is coming from a man who does step two and does it with excellence! Thanks for being discipline, for being steady, for executing your goals and for teaching those of us who struggle with any type of balance. You’re a great example of, “go out and do it!”

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