Another Lesson from the Weather…

The atmosphere did it again.  Large tornadoes ripped through Tennessee in the second major outbreak this year on Friday, April 11th.  Back in February, tornadoes killed more than 50 people across the state.  April’s storm event fortunately only caused a few minor injuries but damaged or destroyed more than 100 homes.  I would venture to say some folks around here are becoming a bit storm weary – we need a break already!

So, what caused the tornadoes in February and April?  Meteorologically, the combination of instability, high shear and strong triggers did the job.  Another way to say the same thing a bit less technically; IMBALANCE.   When there’s a lack of balance in the atmosphere, the resulting weather becomes turbulent as the sky attempts to restore itself to a balanced state.  The stronger the imbalance, the more violent the weather can become.

Weather is a product of nature and so are we.  This principle of imbalance = chaos works with us too.  Don’t ignore this.  Too many of us do and end up leading out of control, chaotic lives.  But, unlike the weather, we can change our situtation.  We can change the direction of our lives to make them better…

With this in mind, ask youself these three questions and think about the answers over the next few days…

1.  Am I letting those in my life whom I love know how important they are to me?

2.  Where do I want to be five years from now?

3.  Am I doing all I can do to take care of my health?

The reasons for these questions are simple.  First, studies show that 85% of the joy that we experience in life is based on our relationships.  We should strive to make sure our relationships stay a top priority and are healthy.  Number two, if you’re not where you want to be in life now, what can you change to get there?   When you feel like you’re not living to your fullest potential, unhappiness can result.  If you feel this way, what can you do to move toward your idea life between now and the year 2013?  Finally, think about how well you take care of your body.  It’s very hard to lived a balanced life with an unhealthy body.  If 70% of chronic diseases in the country are lifestyle related, then we need to make sure our current lifestyle doesn’t put us in that 70% bracket in a few years…

So, when the weather’s bad, let it remind you to examine how balanced your own life is.  Could it be better and if so, how?  Asking questions like this can put you on a path to change your life…

Also, keep those who have been affected by this year’s tornadoes in your prayers and thoughts.  I also encourage those of you who would like to do even more to find ways to help with disaster aid or disaster clean-up.  Contact your local Red Cross office and ask how you can help.

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  1. Hi Charlie,
    Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog. I think I told you once that I’m slightly obsessed with the weather and your parallels are great and very thought-provoking. Thanks for keeping me informed and on my toes.

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