The Power of Balance

Balance is an amazing state. In nature, it leads to peace. In business, it leads to profit. For us, to be in balance is to have peace-of-mind. If it is such a good state in which to be, why don’t we focus on achieving it more? It certainly seems that it is a lost art…

Just look around. We don’t live in a society that puts an emphasis on balance. Instead, we’re living in a 24-hour connected, hyper-stimulated, over-indulged world. Studies show that poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyles and tobacco use are responsible for 80 percent of chronic diseases. That means the vast majority of those diseases could be reduced or eliminated by living life in a healthier way. If you balance exercise with good nutrition and smart lifestyle decisions, you dramatically increase your health. This principle works in business too. If you have a great product but a lack-luster sales team or customer service, you’ll only be successful for a while. But, if you balance a great product with a great sales team, great customer service care and careful money management, watch out! Success is much easier to achieve. For farmers, the proper balance of water, temperature, sun and nutrients will lead to a successful crop. Balance is powerful.

Most of us don’t recognize that power. Therefore, we end up focusing too much of our attention on one thing while the others go ignored. Jobs trump relationships and family. Short-term pleasure trumps long-term ramifications. Big houses trump a healthy checkbook. Surgery trumps wrinkles. Doing these things are so commonplace in our society today they all seem so normal. We’re not shocked when they happen. How common are these things? Do you know someone who’s family life is a wreck? Do you know someone who’s close to losing their house because they bought more house than they could afford? How many people do you know are suffering health problems because of a bad diet and a lack of exercise? Chances are you know LOTS of people in these positions. Don’t become one of them. If you already are, take steps to change.

When you’re planning your goals for 2008 (which I encourage you to do), work on prioritizing balance. A good dose of healthy relationships, healthy finances and a healthy body amaze you in the difference it can make in your overall well-being. If you find yourself asking, “How can I do all of that?” My answer, “How can you not?” If you need ideas on how to create a life of balance, the Life Barometer Program can help. No matter how you do it, work on balancing your life so that it promotes peace instead of the “normal” stress. I know from experience that you can take your life from average to amazing using the power of balance…

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  1. Great point, Charlie. Ya know, balance grants us both power and FREEDOM! With out the yin and yang we’re merely wasting time spinning wheels of frustration and exhaustion. We should all strive to make balance a daily decision. Love your blog!!

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