Change; The underestimated action…

When I’m forecasting the weather, the most important factor I consider is the overall controlling pattern that is resulting in the daily weather. For instance, right now in the southeast where I live, the weather pattern is triggering fairly significant storm systems every three to four days. When these systems pass by, we generally have been seeing much-needed rainfall. This pattern was established back in October and will likely continue into January. This is quite a change from what we had been seeing in Middle Tennessee for much of the year; record drought conditions. Now, the rains have returned and the drought, while still here, isn’t nearly as bad. The weather conditions improved because of a fundamental CHANGE in the controlling weather pattern.

Now that we’re soon beginning 2008, what in your life do you need or desire to CHANGE to make better? Instead of writing down a quick list of resolutions, make a CHANGE list. Take a few hours and really consider what is causing you stress and anxiety. How can you reduce this in your life? What can you do to improve your relationships? How can you improve your financial situation? If there was just one change in your life you could make, what would it be? Write these things down. Then, on a clean sheet of paper for each one, write down steps you can take to make these things happen. Next, take MASSIVE action on your plan. Some people will do steps one and two but then take little or no action on the plan and then wonder why life isn’t getting any better. Change requires thought to figure out where you want go, planning to figure out how to get there and then action to move toward it. Simple program but for some reason, most of us just stay stuck where we are. Too bad. I can just about guarantee this: If you don’t change, neither will your life… Are you o.k. with that? If not, CHANGE the way you do things in 2008. If you do, you can find your life becoming amazingly better. Are you o.k. with THAT?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!