Where has all the balance gone? Continued…

Yesterday I wrote how, from the evidence I see, times will continue to get a bit tougher for many Americans before they get better. As individuals and as a country, we have forgotten the art of living in balance. We’re spending too much. We’re eating too much. We’re stressed-out. We’re not exercising. Many of us are living on the verge of disaster with very little room between us and the cliff’s edge.

A few years ago, I struggled with life balance. I was having a hard time figuring out how to balance my career and family time. I began working on finding a solution. Interestingly, I found my answer in something I had studied since I was a child – the weather.

All of nature is either in a state of balance or trying to achieve one. For instance, when one part of the country is abnormally hot, another is abnormally cold. When one is unusually dry (as is the case in the Southeastern U.S. where I live), another is generally wetter than normal (the southern Plains are MUCH above average for the year for rainfall. The point is, the weather is seeking it’s own balance. When balance exists, the weather turns calm. When it’s imbalanced, the weather turns stormy. All of our largest outbreaks of tornadoes in this country were the result of a highly imbalanced jetstream. It’s simply the way the weather works.

As products of nature, the same is true for us. When we lack balance in our own lives, stormy emotional times are often the result. Our marriages become strained, our health begins to deteriorate, and our jobs become struggles. Imbalance leads to trouble, just as it does in nature…

I found that when I began focusing on restoring balance into my life, my life became substantially better, almost immediately. I rearranged my schedule, I switched my priorities, I began thinking about my life and where I wanted to go. Looking back, it’s very logical – restore balance and you find peace. I used several principles of weather and followed specific steps under those principles that guided me to a balanced life. A few years ago, I took that information, wrote it down and recorded it into an audio program. I taught a class in my church, located in Nashville, Tennessee, based on the program and saw that it not only worked for me, but also for those who took the class. That’s when I decided to give it a title, expand and update it, and offer it to others. It’s called The Life Barometer. I’m very proud of it and I believe it can work for anyone who is ready to grow and make a change for the better.

If you believe that you’re not living the life you were intended to live, that there’s more to life than you’re currently experiencing, that you’re tired of doing things the same old way with the same results, then I encourage you to begin thinking about how you’re going to make it better. The Life Barometer can help. Whether you decide to use it or not, don’t stay in an unhealthy, unhappy life. It CAN be better. Life’s too short to spend it being miserable.

For more information on The Life Barometer, visit TheLifeBarometer.com.